Kathmandu University Student Information Management System(SIMS)

Graduate Students(MTech. and ME) of DoCSE, batch 2018 developed a web application to address the Student Information Management for Kathmandu University. This project is a part of Software Engineering Course.

Project Details

Timeline: Jan-April, 2019
Project Status: Completed
Project Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Rabindra Bista, Ph.D.
Project Members: Aakash Bashyal(Project Lead), Subarna Adhikari, Ijana Kumpakha, Pramiti Munakarmi, Aarati Pandey, Prakriti Dhakal, Toshika Ojha, Roji Kayastha, Rojina Shakya, Birat Bade, Sanjog Sigdel, Arun Timalsina, Sahit Baral, Sabin Pahari, Ram Nath Pandit, Umesh Hengaju
Language: PHP7
Framework: Laravel5.5*, Vue, JQuery
Source Code: https://github.com/openlabku/KUSIMS/tree/V1

Features Implemented:

Following features are implemented in KUSIMS:

  1. Login with Gmail Account
  2. Creation of User
  3. User Management(Roles and Permission provision)
  4. Creation of School, Department, Course, Batch, Job Type, Employee & Program
  5. Profile(Student, Admin & Employee)
  6. Course Assignment
  7. Addition of Subject Scores
  8. Notice Publication
  9. Adding Students
  10. Hostel
  11. Bus

Limitation and Future Works

  1. Rigorous Testing to be Done
  2. Project Deployment in Production
  3. Each feature can be extended by discussing with the KU Administration. Team has currently prepared a base system where one can plugin other necessary features of an Information Management System such as Library, Finance & Examination, End sem scores addition, GPA calculation.

The project source code is available on Github. Interested students can continue this project as their semester project and work on a small module. Or you can work on a new module and integrate it with the system as well. Feel free to consult Project Supervisor or email us at openlab@ku.edu.np

DoCSE Alumni Association Web Application

Contributors at OpenLab are currently developing a Web Application for DoCSE Alumni Association. This project aims to provide a platform for faculties, students and alumni. Students can find information about Alumni, Alumni find information about fellow alumni and share different career opportunities which benefit each other.

Project Details

Tilemine: March-July, 2019
Project Status: Ongoing
Project Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Bal Krishna Bal, HoD, DoCSE
Project Mentor: Sanjog Sigdel
Project Members:

  1. Srishti Poudel
    Department of Electrical and Electronics (Power)
    1st year,2nd semester
  2. Ankit Kumar Karna
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    2nd year,2nd semester
  3. Beruit Ban
    Department of Electrical and Electronics (Power)
    1st year,2nd semester
  4. Kiran Neupane
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    CS 2nd Year

Language: PHP
Framework: Laravel5.5*
Source Code URL: https://github.com/openlabku/DoCSE-Alumni

Application Features

Following are the features which were groomed during the project discussion meetings:
1. Student/Faculty/Alumni Login
2. Alumni’s Profile( Batch, work experiences, skill set)
3. Event announcement by Faculty and Alumni
4. Email Notification


Call for participants was published in the last week of March. Four undergraduate students(2 from DoCSE & 2 from DoEE) applied for the project. Project discussion, grooming, and development began in April. Contributors will be completing the application with some initial features within three months i.e. July 2019.